Sunday, June 6, 2010

Puerto Rico solar tax credit received, final inspection

Solar Blog Entry - 6 June 2010

Time to update on two recent events.
First, the design engineer for our project, Angel Zayas ( completed the final inspection of the solar installation and submitted his report to the electric company (PREPA). The final step here is for PREPA to change our electric meter, so that we get net metering and can realize the full benefit of our installation.

Second, after a minor blip, our tax credit has come through. That was a relief, as, due to a misunderstanding in the project invoice, we were initially only granted a little over half of the credit we were due. We submitted an amendment to the invoice to clarify, and a couple of weeks later we had the full credit.

I have some coming updates and will try to have those on the blog shortly.

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