Thursday, November 25, 2010

net metering

Our net metering system was installed on October 18. We can now see when the meter is going backwards, how much we have consumed and how much we have produced in excess of our consumption (that is, when the meter goes backwards). That is nice. Our 2 kW system has averaged about 2 kWh per day over consumption for the first 5 weeks. That is in contrast with an average daily consumption of just under 12 kWh. The way the billing here works, we will get charged the 22.9¢ per kWh for about 12 kWh per day and get back 10¢ x 2 kWh per day.

One issue that just came up with the first bill, however. That gives a consumption of 901 kWh during late September and October, more than double our actual consumption. It is clearly a mistaken reading that requires correction, and I will lose a day trying to get it fixed.

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